Like those looking for a home, south Winnipeg is the ideal place to live if you want to buy a condominium. In most cases, the condos are newer, the areas are safer, there is more greenery, and amenities are always nearby. From Transcona to Charleswood, I covered Winnipeg’s most popular condo areas.

Condos in south Winnipeg

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If you want to learn more about all the neighbourhoods in the south, visit my neighbourhoods page here. Here are some of the most popular condo areas in south Winnipeg:


One of the newer areas with condo developments is Bridgwater. It is an excellent choice for any potential buyer interested in the best amenities combined with a modern design style. This community is known for being peaceful and beautiful. It is the ideal balance of residential condo living and being close to all nature has to offer in this area.


When you view the Charleswood area, it tends to feel like you stepped into a picture! These delightful views from a condo in Charleswood are a dream come true for many. It is a serene area where time slows down, and people spend plenty of time outdoors. It is the ideal place for anyone longing for a quieter environment.

Downtown Condos

It took many years to revitalize downtown, but it is now a wonderful place to live. From affordable condos to luxury condos there is something for everyone. With the continuous improvement and investment into downtown, there are more and more condos for sale in the area.


Just south of Winnipeg is one of Canada’s fastest growing communities. Niverville has been in high demand for the past few years and developers are rushing to get new condo developments built here.

The core of the city is the downtown Winnipeg area. Living in one of these condos, you have access to anything you can imagine. There are places to dine, an active nightlife, entertainment, culture, businesses, and shops. Most of the condos in the downtown area are high-rises. They offer the ultimate view of the spectacular skyline.

River Heights

In the River Heights area, delightful trees fill the streets and blend nicely with the charming historic homes. River Heights has several condo buildings, balancing this older architecture with modern amenities. The timeless nature of this area offers an elegant touch, and it is an enticing place to call home!

Sage Creek

The careful planning for the Sage Creek community paid off. The focus was on introducing residential living while preserving as much wildlife and nature as possible. The design of condos in Sage Creek blends nicely with the surrounding features. It is an eco-friendly environment for all to cherish and enjoy.

St. James

The conveniences in the St. James area, combined with the suburban elements, give it a unique outcome. It is close to parks, dining places, public transportation, and shopping. At the same time, it offers a quiet and comfortable living environment.

St. Vital

Families occupy most of the condos located in St. Vital. They wish to stay close to the shops, activities, and restaurants. They crave a peaceful existence in a relaxed area to enjoy the outdoors and spacious living space.


Condos in Transcona tend to be more affordable than in other areas. The people living there are diverse but blend well to create a tight-knit community. It is often a place for first-time buyers due to its affordability and overall unity in this location.


Upscale luxury condos in Tuxedo offer plenty of style and perks. The large condos provide plenty of extra room to spread out and enjoy. This place is also known for its green spaces and lush green parks.

Wellington Crescent

Another area of luxury condos is Wellington Crescent. There is no denying the beautiful views with the Assiniboine River being so close. The architecture will take your breath away! It is a fantastic place to live, with plenty to see and explore.

There are plenty of fabulous Winnipeg condos for sale to consider. Each of them offers something different. Many of them are considered luxury condos, and that may be what you seek. Others are less expensive but still comfortable and in a great location. The downtown area attracts many people interested in working in and exploring that area. The quiet elements of St. Vital draw people, too, because of the peaceful environment.

No matter your preference, the ideal condo is out there for you in south Winnipeg! Please look at the subpages for each neighbourhood to get an in-depth look at them. You will discover what makes them unique and why they are thriving. This information can help you decide where to buy the condo of your dreams!