Life flies by, and one day you may realize it is time to consider downsizing and decluttering as a retiree in Winnipeg. As we age, we understand the value of time, loved ones, and our health over material things. It may be time to move into a smaller house or a 55 plus condo community so you have less to take care of. This can save you money and help with budgeting in your golden years, too.

Downsize Winnipeg

It can be challenging to downsize and declutter; it can initially seem overwhelming. Breaking it down into smaller segments makes it manageable. It can be fun as you go through items in each room of your home and decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to donate. It is refreshing to move into a smaller place with fewer items.

Don’t get rid of items that are sentimental to you, but think about how you can display them or store them so they don’t take up lots of space. Ask for help if you can’t do this task yourself. You can spend time with a friend or family member going through things in your home. There are professionals you can hire to help you declutter, too. You have the final say on what stays and what goes!

If you have a spouse, they should be involved in the downsizing and decluttering. Both of you have items in the home that mean something to you. Decide as a team what you keep and what you don’t. Strive to be flexible; if your spouse really wants to hang on to something, let them do so. That item may not mean anything to you, but respect their connection to it. They should do the same for you.

Detaching yourself from items in your home emotionally is essential. As you downsize and declutter, you have to be logical. If you plan to move soon, make sure you allocate plenty of time to go through each room of the home. You don’t want to feel rushed with this process. It can be fun seeing items you haven’t noticed for some time.

What Do You Need?

Your lifestyle changes when you get older and plan for retirement. Are you going to travel often? Will you stay at home? Do you now have more time for hobbies you are passionate about? If so, securing space in your home for that hobby is a good idea. You need adequate storage for your tools, materials, and other items relating to that hobby.

If your home is too much work and too large for you or your spouse, this is an excellent time to sell or rent it. An empty nest often means more space in a home than necessary now that the kids are grown up. If one or both of you have health issues, it can be a challenge to get around the current living space in a wheelchair or with a walker. Multi-level homes can be more challenging for older people, too.

Moving to a smaller home can save you money, making retirement comfortable. It can free up money you use for travel or other expenses. The upkeep is more manageable, too than with a larger home. Of course, with less space means you can only take some of what you have accumulated with you. Think about what you need to be comfortable.

When Did You Use It Last?

Be realistic when you downsize and declutter items as a retiree in Winnipeg. When did you last use that item? If it has been a long time, why are you holding onto it? Get rid of clothing that is too large or too small. Get rid of gadgets you don’t use in the kitchen or items taking up space under the sink in the bathroom. Be practical with what you keep, and stick with things you know you will use.

If you haven’t worn it in the last six months, it is time to be done with those items. If you haven’t picked up the item to use it in the previous year, you don’t need it. If you are moving to a condo, consider removing things you won’t need there. For example, you won’t need your lawnmower or snow shovel any longer! Such maintenance will be taken care of as part of your condo fees.

Family And Friends

As you downsize and declutter, think about your loved ones. Do you have family and friends who could use items you no longer need? You may know a young couple just starting out, and they could use your couch and tables in your second family room. Your new place will be smaller so you can’t take your long dining room table and all the chairs. Giving those items to people you know can use them is a great feeling. Plus, they will think of you when they use them!
Family members or friends may have commented before how much they love a painting in your living room above the fireplace. Remember those comments as you declutter and downsize. Presenting that painting or other item to them as a gift is something they will never forget! It will put a smile on their face. You will enjoy knowing the item has been rehomed to someone who will appreciate it as much as you did.


There are various charities and second-hand stores where you can donate gently used clothing and household items. They either give those items away or sell them at a reduced price to needy individuals. Downsizing and decluttering can be a way to help others. The things you no longer use or need can be a treasure to someone else. They may need those items but can’t afford to buy them brand new. Some locations will come to your home and pick up larger items for donations, including furniture and vehicles.

Make Money By Selling Items

Downsizing and decluttering can be a great way to make money selling items. You can take photos and list them on online auction sites. This can be time-consuming, though, and you also have to ship items people purchase. A garage sale can be ideal; move everything you wish to clear out into the garage or your yard. You will sell more when you are flexible with the prices, too. Consumers love to negotiate and get a terrific deal! Anything that is left, you can give away or donate.


Be creative with items you have around your home. You may not use them anymore for what they were initially intended for. How can you repurpose them and make them functional again? It is fun to invest some time creating something new and unique from those items. You can repurpose materials to create flower pots, picture frames, and much more. There are plenty of ideas online that you can follow, or you can come up with them yourself.

Throw It Away

Items that can’t be used by anyone else or repurposed should be thrown away. If the items are made from materials that can be recycled, go that route first. This reduces the amount of things that end up in the landfill. If you need to haul those items off, find a service that brings a trailer or bin to your property. Once you fill it up, they come pick it up and take the items to the dump for you. The price depends on how many days you have the trailer or bin and the size.

Storage For Items You Keep

There will be items you wish to keep when you downsize and declutter as a retiree in Winnipeg. Where can you store them to prevent damage to them? For example, you may wish to store your holiday decorations until you need them again. Displaying all of your family photos isn’t possible, but you may have a way to keep them together and only take up a little space. Those are treasured items you don’t want to lose or risk them being damaged.

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