There are plenty of excellent amenities at Winnipeg’s best 55+ condos. These amenities are included in the condo fees, and it makes sense to take part in them. It is a delightful way to pass your free time, stay healthy, and meet other building residents. Your social calendar can be as busy or as light as you prefer it.

condo amenities for 55+

With plenty to do on-site, you don’t have to worry about transportation to participate in activities. This is convenient, and it is greatly appreciated during the cold Winnipeg winter. You may not go to the gym or hang out with friends as much as you like during the colder weather due to low temperatures and adverse road conditions. When those activities occur within the condo building you live in, you can still enjoy them no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

It is a good idea to check into the various amenities a Winnipeg 55+ condo offers before you buy a unit. If the place lacks activities you would love to participate in, see if they can be added. If not, you are better off finding a different building to reside in. Once you live in a condo building, you can ask the board to modify or add additional amenities. If there is enough interest among the residents, they will typically make it happen. The right condo amenities may be one of the deciding factors when buying a new condo.


A swimming pool is a wonderful amenity for any condo. It offers a place to relax, cool off when it is hot, and stay active. Swimming is a low-impact exercise and easy on the joints. It is a good solution for older people when they wish to remain active, but they need to consider some health restraints, too. There may be a hot tub or jacuzzi in the pool area, too.

Fitness Centres

A fitness centre is also a standard amenity for a condo, and it works well for those 55+. They can spend time on the treadmill or other exercise machines without leaving the building. They don’t have to give up their desire to stay fit because it is too hot or cold outside. Some 55+ condos offer exercise classes, including Pilates and aerobics. They are fun and a great way to interact with other residents, too.

A recreational facility may be included with the condo. This can consist of a tennis court or access to a golf course. Many of them are close to parks and outdoor recreational areas. It is convenient to walk to them on the designated paths.


Many businesses around Winnipeg will come to 55+ condos to pick up dry cleaning or deliver groceries each week. Residents can get the schedule for such conveniences and use them as they like. Many residents use these conveniences each week to reduce the need to go out. Cleaning services can also be scheduled for those who need assistance with the inside of their unit. Home health care may be introduced into the condo for those who need help with health issues routinely.

Common Area

The common area typically features TVs, various gaming options, books, and a conversation area. Residents can venture into this area to enjoy a sports event together, watch a movie, or enjoy some friendly competition with different games. It is a fun way to spend an afternoon or socialize for a few hours in the evenings.

Some of them have a separate library, but most have shelves of books anyone can take to their condo. They can return them when they finish and donate books they no longer need. It is a way to share a love of reading while offering a variety of types of reading material.

Games And Activities

Various games and activities are frequently scheduled in a 55+ condo environment. Bingo is a fun one that many residents enjoy. Card games and board games are high on the list, too. There can be crafts and a variety of hobby-related activities. These are great ways to expand your interests or spend time with others passionate about a particular activity. Potluck dinners or BBQs are a fun way to enjoy a meal with others.

Not all of the activities are set within the building. There can be trips for shopping or to enjoy a theatre event. Residents can sign up and go together so they can enjoy the company of others they know on these ventures.


Staying safe is essential, and many 55+ condo communities have advanced security. This includes cameras around the premises and in the hallways. There may be a secure entry point to ensure no one is in the building that shouldn’t be. Everyone coming into the building has to enter a code, or they can’t get in.

Handicap Accessible

Health issues are more common as a person gets older. Most 55+ condo buildings are handicap accessible. They have an elevator, so you aren’t dependent on the stairs. The hallways are wider, and the entrances to the units are, too. This ensures a wheelchair or a walker someone may need to use can easily be accommodated in that living facility.

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