There are many condominiums for sale in Winnipeg, many catering to the 55+ crowd. Residing in a condo building for 55 plus individuals is more common than many realize around Winnipeg. Older individuals may feel lonely living in a house without a spouse or children at home. In this setting, they can feel safe, and they have other people similar in age around them. Most of these entities have plenty of activities on the calendar for the residents to be involved with. They can socialize and have fun without leaving the building.

55+ condos in Winnipeg

Caring for a yard and routine household maintenance can be difficult for older individuals. Living in a condo setting, all of this is included in their fees. They can budget for the cost and don’t have to worry about the different elements. For example, the heating and cooling systems are maintained by the building, and they can control the temperature in their unit to their liking. They don’t have to shovel snow or rake leaves, either.

However, these locations tend to avoid advertising to specific ages due to the risk of discrimination. It can be a touchy topic. If you are dedicated to living in an adult-only condo structure, confirm that will be the case before you buy a place. Otherwise, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the various ages living there. Living among people of similar ages can give you peace of mind and help you bond with them more easily.

Sense Of Community In Condo Living

While older individuals feel like they belong in their community around Winnipeg, they may feel isolated due to their age. They don’t spend time with the same activities they did in their youth or when their children were growing up. In a 55 plus condo, there is a sense of community within that building. You get to know who is living around you. There are dinners, activities, and opportunities to engage with other people as often as you like in that environment.

Studies show this is good for a person’s mental health as they age. Taking part in activities can help stimulate the mind, reducing the risk of memory loss and depression. Living in this type of community can encourage people to engage in sports with their peers at their fitness level. Staying healthy at any age is important!

Many of these structures have unique conveniences due to the age of the people residing in them. For example, they may have certain grocery stores that deliver there on certain days of the week. Others have dry cleaning picked up on a particular day and dropped off on another day late that week. Anyone who resides in the building can benefit from these services.

Condo Amenities For The 55 Plus

55+ condo fitness centre

The amenities offered at 55 plus condos for sale in Winnipeg vary. It is essential to see what is included before buying. Many of them feature a gym, common area, and swimming pool. Such amenities provide a place to interact, stay active, and have a great time! Additional security tends to be one of the amenities for 55+ condos for sale in Winnipeg.

Your friends and family may worry about you living alone. Perhaps it is now just you and your spouse, but some health concerns exist. You aren’t ready for a nursing home but can’t take care of a typical home on your own anymore. The security in this type of mature adult living situation gives you freedom and independence, but there is extra security watching out for anything out of the ordinary.

Several of these units for 55 plus adults are handicap accessible. It can cost thousands of dollars to renovate a home to accommodate a wheelchair or other health needs. With such a condo, those accommodations are already in place around the entire unit, including the bathroom. The hallways, as do the openings in the units, tend to be wider than average. They typically have elevators and wheelchair ramps in these structures.

Selecting The Best 55 Plus Condo For Sale In Winnipeg

Take your time with selecting the best 55 plus condo for sale in Winnipeg. There are plenty of variables to evaluate. The location should be safe, low crime, and offer easy access to shopping and food. If you don’t have a vehicle, it should be within reasonable distance of public transportation.

The location can influence the cost, too. Condos with the best views and access to everything around them tend to cost more. The trade-off is you can get everything you want and need without going too far. This is convenient, and it is something to think about as you get older. It can become challenging to venture too far from home on your own.

What are the bylaws regarding guests? If you enjoy company, you want to live in a condo environment without many restrictions. Many don’t allow children there or let anyone stay for more than two consecutive days that aren’t on the lease. Such details will influence who can come and go from the building to visit.

How much space do you need? The square footage of a condo is something to think about. You want enough living space to be comfortable. It should offer you ample storage and a relaxing environment. If you plan to have guests often, a second bedroom and second bathroom unit can be ideal. If you want to clean less, stick with a one-bedroom and one-bathroom condo.

The overall cost of a condo depends on the size, location, amenities, features, demand, and much more! Calculate the total price including your mortgage, insurance, and condo fees. It should all fit easily into your budget. Otherwise, you will struggle when your condo fees increase as the years go by.

Making The Move To A Senior Living Community

Leaving your home behind and transitioning into a senior condo living community can be challenging. That home may hold wonderful memories from the years that were spent there. It may be where you lived with your spouse and your children grew up. Yet that large home can become too much for one person or even a couple as they get older.

Deciding what to give away or sell and what to keep can take time. Going through each room in the house to determine what to take with you and what goes elsewhere can be manageable. Break it up over several weeks, and take your time going through things. Take some of your favourite collectibles and keep your pictures. Exciting, new adventures await your new living community in your condo! Embrace them and find joy in spending time with the people that live in the units around you!

Due to discrimination, condos can’t be called 55 plus or restrict buyers due to age, but the below condominiums are majority, if not all, 55 plus (credit Bo Kauffmann):

  • Bell Cove (Headingley South)
  • Country Villas Blvd. (E.St Paul)
  • 3420 Grant Ave.
  • 4314 Grant Ave.
  • 380 John Forsyth Rd.
  • 1460 Portage Ave
  • 1976 Portage Ave.
  • 3200 Portage Ave.
  • Rockmaple Rd. (E. St. Paul)
  • 4025 Roblin Blvd.
  • 679, 681,685, 687, 697, 785, 795, 805, 815 St. Anne’s Rd.
  • 500 Tache Ave.
  • 208, 212 Watson St.
  • 687 Warde Ave.
  • 20 Wynstone Cir. (E. St. Paul)
  • 403 Regent Ave W. (Madeline Estates)

As you can see, downsizing into a condo as you get older has a lot of benefits. It is up to you to decide if it is the right choice for you.