How Much Should I Budget For Landscaping At My New Home?

winnipeg landscaping budget

It isn't easy to estimate the budget for landscaping at your newly built home. On one hand, you can hire a company to create something unique and amazing for you. On the other hand, you can do the work yourself and save money. As a general range to help you budget, consider about 2% of the purchase price for the home.

If it costs less than that, great! You want to avoid stressing about the landscaping cost while it is being completed or where you will get the money to cover it. Before you go wild with the landscaping, remember that some locations have regulations in place. They have restrictions on what you can and can't have. The goal is to create a uniform look in that area.

Don't Cut Corners On Landscaping

Your newly built home's curb appeal should be as attractive as the inside. Otherwise, you will be disappointed when you are outside or pull up to the house and feel like something is missing. If your budget is tight for landscaping, start with the basics. You can expand it later on as you have more money to work with.
Think about the upkeep of the landscaping you select. Ideally, choose a theme that will take little time to care for. Select durable materials that can withstand the changes in temperatures. Winters can be cold and brutal, and summers can be hot!

Get Estimates

If you plan to hire someone to complete the landscaping, evaluate companies. See who has outstanding reviews from happy homeowners. Contact those companies and get a free estimate. They can share ideas, listen to what you have in mind, and let you know how soon they would have room in their schedule for the project if you hire them.

Certain subdivisions in Winnipeg have deadlines that require you to complete your landscaping by a particular date. That timeframe starts when your home is completely built, typically one year after it is ready to move into. This only applies to the front yard; you don't have a deadline for the back.

It may work best for you to hire someone to complete the work in phases. They can complete the basics for the front and then the back. Later, they can add additional landscaping elements to enhance the appearance.

Do Some Of The Work Yourself

Saving money on the cost of landscaping is possible when you do some of the work yourself. For example, it isn't difficult to apply sod to the yard or plant some trees. Plenty of videos online offer step-by-step tutorials you can follow or get inspired by. It takes time and hard work to tackle this type of job, but the money it will save can motivate you to get it done.

Great Landscaping Increases The Value Of Your Property

Investing in great landscaping keeps your home looking fabulous, inside and out. It increases the value of your property. It keeps your neighbours happy, too. You want to avoid creating tension with them because your yard is an eyesore compared to the rest of the yards around you.