Condo Living For Families

condos for families

A condo can be a wonderful place for a family to live. It can be a terrific choice for a first home. Since a condo tends to cost less than a single-family home, it can be a starting point as an investment rather than continuing to rent. Families can stay there for years and then move to a home if they desire. The condo can be sold for a profit, or it can be rented out.

Affording a place for your family to live is important. If the overhead is too much, it burdens the family, and the stress can be overwhelming. Know your monthly fees, mortgage, and other expenses when buying a condo. When your household compares the cost involved, it may mean you can afford a condo now rather than waiting several years to buy a house.

Plenty Of Designs

There are plenty of designs for condo living a family can consider. Some of them are on one floor. This is perfect for small children, as stairs can be a hazard. Others are two or three levels, offering plenty of room. Several of the condo buildings have one, two or even three bedrooms and up to three bathrooms.

The spacious designs and storage make condos perfect for many families. They find it is a better choice than a crowded apartment. Look for one with elevators if you are on a higher floor so you aren't going up and down stairs with children, groceries, and other items. An underground heated parking area can be a nice perk. You won't be in the cold scraping windows with children in tow during the winter!

Meet Other Families

Condo living allows you to meet other families residing in the same building. These friendships can last long after you are neighbours. It can be a fantastic way to develop a support system, share childcare duties, plan fun events, and schedule play dates. You can conveniently do so all within the shared building.

Family-friendly condos continue to offer more perks for children and the household. This includes common areas where movies can be watched, and games can be played. With the housing crunch, creating new condo buildings is a practical solution as they take up less space for multiple units versus a single-family home on that land.


Condo buildings often allow one or two pets, but there can be restrictions. For example, some only allow cats. Others allow dogs, but not specific breeds, or they can't be over a certain weight when fully grown. It is a good idea to read all the bylaws for the condo before you buy it, including the pet policy.

Excellent Locations

Parents tend to look for a place to call home close to where they work. They want their children to attend excellent schools. They want to live in a safe, quiet neighbourhood. Numerous choices are offered in the best neighbourhoods for condo living. These locations give families access to outdoor activities, fun community centres, quality schools, and more.

Less Maintenance

Trying to balance caring for a home, a job, and family life can be hard sometimes. Spending quality time with each other is important. A condo has less maintenance involved with it than a typical single-family home. Instead of spending time taking care of the lawn and different household needs, that maintenance is done for you.

No Backyard Doesn't Have To Be A Concern

While a condo doesn't offer a backyard for each resident, that doesn't have to concern families. Some of them do have a courtyard and small play area. Most have a swimming pool, a fun place for families to hang out. Look for a condo close to a park or playground to take the kids there easily. Planning walks and other adventures on the trails is an excellent way to bond and get some exercise for all of you.

Noise Factors

Living in a condo setting, be mindful of noise factors. You don't want to always be stressed about your family bothering neighbours. You also don't want to have concerns about their noise interrupting your family. Newer condo buildings tend to be constructed using materials that absorb most noise. This puts everyone at ease and offers an enjoyable experience for all!