Condo Storage Solutions

condo storage in winnipeg

One of the decisions people must make when moving to a condo is how much space they need. It all depends on family size, how often you have guests, and how much stuff you plan to move with you! Some condos have more storage than others. This can include walk-in closets and hallway storage. Thinking about storage solutions before buying a condo in Winnipeg is a good idea.

You may love the location and layout of a specific condo unit, but if it lacks the storage you need, what will you do? Are you fine with on-site storage or even externally storing your items? How much will that cost you each month? If you want everything accessible, finding a condo with ample storage within that unit may be best. Some luxury condos in Winnipeg may have more room than others.


When you move from a large home to a condo, downsizing shouldn't be done at the last minute. Many people move to a condo after their children become adults and move out. They no longer need all that space. They don't want to take care of the place's upkeep inside and out. Downsizing involves deciding what to take to the condo, what you will give away or sell, and what you can donate.

Work on one room of your home at a time well before you plan to relocate to a condo. Don't hold onto items you haven't used in months! There is no reason to store them and continue not to use them! Be reasonable instead of emotional when you sort through stuff; it will have a better outcome. Friends and family may have a use for items you aren't taking with you and appreciate receiving them from you.

Condo Unit Storage

It is reasonable to have items you wish to have in your condo, but you don't always use them. Enough storage for them is convenient and helps your place stay clean. You don't want to deal with clutter because you don't have room to put everything away. Get creative with your closets if you are pressed for storage. Many have unused space at the top, but adding cubes or different hanging devices will help you maximize that space and use it successfully.

You can add various shelves in your condo to make storage a breeze. For example, those that go over your toilet. They are sturdy and give you that space above your toilet for towels, toilet paper, makeup, and other items.

Consider under the bed storage for clothing that is seasonal. You can get a platform frame with built-in drawers. Place your sweaters in there in the summer months and put your shorts in there during the winter. You can also get a higher platform bed frame and slide storage bins under the bed with clothing and other items in them.

On-Site Storage

Large items you need stored, such as your holiday decorations, may be best in on-site storage. This is convenient as you don't have to leave the building to access those items. The storage can be on your floor or in the parking garage. You have a lock to the storage items, so you never have to worry about anyone else getting into your stuff.

Find out if this on-site storage is free or if you will be charged each month for it. Review the on-site storage area to confirm the space will be large enough for the volume of items you wish to store there. If you must pay for more than one on-site storage unit monthly, that cost adds up quickly.

On-site storage can be perfect for items you use frequently, but they don't fit well inside your condo. For example, a bike or a stroller you use when you go on the trails around the area. If you enjoy fishing in the summer, a place to keep your poles and tackle on-site is convenient.

External Storage

The same is true about the cost of external storage facilities. There may be such locations not far from the condo building. You have to pay each month to keep your stuff there. Select a facility with reasonable prices and excellent security. You don't want to worry about your items being compromised when storing them in external storage.