Burj Khalifa – The Tallest Building In The World In Winnipeg

burj khalifa winnipeg

The above image is what the Burj Khalifa would look like if it was built in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The tallest building in the world, which reaches 828M began construction in 2004 and finished in 2010. It was designed by the famous architect Adrian Smith. It is tough to put into perspective how large this building is. Winnipeg's tallest building, which was recently completed is the Artis Reit Residential Tower at 300 Main Street. The tower extends 142M. Burj Khalifa is over 5x the height of Winnipeg's tallest building.

The Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is set to become the new tallest building once it is completed. After a five-year hiatus, construction has continued on the skyscraper, also designed by Adrian Smith. This tower is expected to reach an unbelievable 1000M, 172M higher than the Burj Khalifa! Here is a rendering of the new Jeddah Tower:

jeddah tower

Burj Khalifa In Other Canadian Cities


burj khalifa Toronto

Here is what the Burj Khalifa looks like in downtown Toronto. Surprisingly, next to the CN Tower, it doesn't look quite as large. That is because Toronto's CN tower is a whopping 553M. (original photo credit Andre Frueh)


calgary burj khalifa

Here is how the Burj Khalifa looks in downtown Calgary. It looks quite massive next to Calgary's tallest building, Brookfield Place East at 247M. (image credit Reddit)


vancouver burj khalifa

This isn't the Burj Khalifa, but Vancouver's tallest building, Living Shangri-La, extended to the height of the Burj Kalifa. The Shangri-La stands at 247M. (image credit Reddit)